Client Testimonials

Wright County

Wright County has been a client of B&C Consulting for over ten years.  The consulting services that the County receives from Paul and Jeff in managing our benefit programs has been outstanding.  When you work with Paul and Jeff you feel like you are their number one priority and they are always looking out for your best interests in the ever-changing world of insurance benefits.    I know that Wright County has benefited greatly from the services provided by B&C Consulting over the years and I would recommend there consulting services to other organizations as well.

Schawn Johnson, Human Resources Director
January 30, 2020, Wright County

As reported in the Wright County Harold Press
January 2, 2004

“The rates received from Medica in November were projected to increase 9.3 percent… The Broker, B&C Consulting, was able to negotiate a lower renewal rate. That new increase will be 6.6 percent, saving the county $109,574. The county’s contribution will increase by $75.00… That increase, according to Dick Norman will more than cover the increase for those with family coverage, something that has not happened in many years.”
– Dick Norman County Coordinator

As reported in the Wright County Harold Press
January 23, 2006

“At the time of health insurance renewal, bids were received not only from the incumbent carrier, Medica, but from Blue Cross, Preferred One and Health Partners as well. Medica initially proposed an approximate 30% increase.

After negotiations, the final bids were:

  • Medica – 17% increase
  • Health Partners – 9.4% increase
  • Blue Cross – 9.28% increase
  • (this represents a $880,690 savings over the original proposed Medica increase)
  • After further discussion, B&C Consulting recommended the bid from Blue Cross. Norman said staff recommendation is also to accept the proposal from Blue Cross.

Sagitec Solutions

I had the pleasure of working with Paul for my company’s insurance needs for approximately 2 years. Since leaving my position in HR, Paul has still been available to answer any questions I have had. He has always gone above and beyond to ensure employees have all their questions answered and are comfortable with any changes in policies. I could not have imagined better service! It is nice to know somebody is looking out for the wellbeing of employees year round versus only during renewal time.

We are fortunate to have Paul and the entire B&C staff working to make sure all our needs are met and to provide continued support. I would have no delay in recommending everybody to check out B&C Consulting when looking for guidance in employee benefits.
Amy K.

Vascular Solutions

“I just have to tell you that Paul with B&C Consulting is an excellent rep. He has been so helpful and has literally bent over backward to make sure that my clinic change went in effect by our deadline. He has called back in a timely matter — if I was unavailable, he left a detailed message answering all my questions and concerns. He has been a life saver indeed, helping me to get this change-over and making sure all went smoothly. I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow at the new clinic and he took the time to make sure the change was effective and in place even though I have yet to receive the card. It may not matter much to you, but to me it means quite a bit. I just want you to know that I personally appreciate Paul and I thank him very much for his efforts and the time that he has spent in helping me. His service has been nothing but A+ all around.”
– JMK – Vascular Solutions

“It’s nice to be able to pass along this kind of feedback. Thanks so much for all your hard work!”
– Heather Bergmann – Human Resources, Vascular Solutions, Inc.

SL Montevideo Technology

“I had the very good fortune to utilize the services of B&C Consulting, LLC in our insurance renewal process, as well as issues involving insurance carriers. They are not only very well connected to the insurance world through prior working experience in that industry, but they are very diligent in representing their clients’ best interests. When it comes to the renewal period, they were invaluable. They know the “insides” of how the insurance companies’ underwriters determine the renewal rates and were able to argue our case in terms the underwriters could relate to. They also know the insurance companies’ weak justifications for increases.”
– Tim Forde – SL Montevideo Technology

Real Insight

Thank you Jeff for your continued support and the outstanding service you provide to Real Insight and our team.  We are grateful for our partnership with you.
– Anne Hacker – Office Manager